ISSUE/BUG: Accounts without "SUPER USER" cannot duplicate pages

I’ve already submitted this issue to discord, but with no help.

Issue description:
When I set the role “Super User” to Unset or Denied (because I don’t want my regular page editors to access configs and such. The sub-menu when clicking 3 dots on any page or module in pages disappears (see images), therefore, accounts that are just going to be used to modify and create pages, cannot easily duplicate others. All other permissions have been allowed. Just not SUPER USER. I’m unsure if this is supposed to happen, but is seems like a bug and not a feature to me.

Steps to recreate issue:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Give the account all permissions and set only ‘super user’ to Not set/Denied
  3. Login into the new account’s admin panel.
  4. The option is no longer available.

Grav - 1.7.46 (currently newest)
Admin - 1.10.46 (currently newest) - only modification was a custom theme. The issue persists on the default one as well.

I’d like help as soon as possible please. This issue has been bothering be for a while and I’ve tried to resolve it in discord with my submissions being ignored (Ricardo replied once.) I’m not blaming anyone I’m just desperate for help. Any suggestions???.. Thank you <3

If anything contact me on discord or here :slight_smile:

Screenshot of permissions (I’m not allowed to post more than one image per post)

@NejakeyFuf, Don’t expect to get better support here than on Discord. The dev team only visits Discord. If they cannot figure it out, I don’t expect anyone here will…

Also, the discussion on Discord has just started. Cross-posting that soon is kind of burning resources of volunteers.

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Understood, and thank you, it seems like a simple problem and I’m surprised that I haven’t found anything about this anywhere. I think this wouldn’t be hard to fix. Just reporting the issue.

Thanks for a reply. Just trying to spread awareness, thought it might help.

@NejakeyFuf, FYI, I can reproduce the issue.

Although not about Super User rights, here is a similar issue.

The issue at first wasn’t about super user rights, but when creating the GitHub issue I found out it is.

@NejakeyFuf Here is a quick workaround for you, so you can still duplicate pages with only a bit more clicks:

  1. Click on the page/ module you want to duplicate
  2. In the top right navigation menu, click the copy button:
  3. Give your new page a new name and folder name and click on save.
  4. You’ll find your copied page in the pages view.

I’m aware of this “workaround” but this still shouldn’t happen. It’s not mostly about clicks but about the loading speed. When I’d like to duplicate the page it takes around 10s to load alone (where we live the internet speed is low)