File Manager Needed

Hello all. Loving GRAV thus far, very impressed, but it is with it’s quirks still, but there’s alot of potential here.
However, one thing sorely missing by default is a File Manager. Something that can do the basics: Upload, Delete, Replace. Anything beyond that would be even better, but at the least those 3. This could allow GRAV to handle medium size sites as well. Nothing like having a link to a PDF file on several pages, who knows how many, then it has to be changed. With a simple file manager, editors have to tool needed to link to 1 PDF file from all those pages, then replace as needed. I’ve never used a CDN before, so that may offer the functionality needed by linking to files there, but seems convoluted and hard to train. Anyone got any ideas if something’s in the works?

Given that Grav’s interface is through HTTP (in-browser), I think it is preferable to use a simple SFTP-workflow or Git-deployments for those more adventurous. One concern is security, in which browser-uploads are far and away inferior to for example SSH-connectivity. Another is speed and file-integrity, both of which are easier to accomplish with a generic upload tool.

For example, I use WinSCP with an encrypted key (plenty of good guides and usually excellent support from hosting companies in setting them up) to upload files directly to test-sites. For live sites I push files using SourceTree to a private BitBucket repository, which automatically updates changed files on the live site.

It’s been a while since I used the Admin plugin, but it at least allows upload of media files to go with pages. Presumably extending this to uploading actual pages would not be hard to implement.