Looking for an idea or tip on how to display temperature values,


I have a weather station in my home whose data I process locally.
I would display a few measured values, updated regularly on the Grav website.

Now I’m looking for an idea or tip on how to get the data onto the website.

Have you some for me?


I’m pretty sure at first you’d need some API, that provides these values (which BTW has nothing to do with Grav). Then you could make some simple Grav plugin, which would consume that API and show values on your page

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@oliverr I’m going to mark this solved by @Karmalakas, because that is the most detail you can reasonably expect here (and you just asked for a tip).

If you want to explore the suggestion further, I (seriously) suggest turning to ChatGPT or similar.

@oliverr, If you want the community to help you, you will need to help the community first, by providing ample but succinct information/context about the situation. The information you’ve provided is quite limited…

  • How do you currently process the data from your home weather station?
  • Where is the processed data stored?
  • In what way can the server access that data?
  • In what format is the data stored?
  • What are your minimal requirements/expectations?