How do I get, manipulate and include data on a GRAV page?

I would like to know the best approach/architecture to do the following tasks in GRAV?
1 - Get data from an API REST
2 - Data manipulation
3 - Include the data on a page.

Thanks in advanced!!

In short - plugin. Not sure what to add here more :slight_smile: Really depends on your specific needs.

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Thanks for your response,
I will try to give you more details…

  • Connect to the API through OAuth 2.0. (request in JSON format)
  • Then translate some ids. (Maybe the best approach is to have some flat files with the translations)
  • and finally show the data in a table format.

Please let me know if you need more detail for some point.

Well… I don’t think you’ll get someone here to write a plugin for you made specifically to your needs (unless agreed to some terms). Every API is different. Also even oAuth flow might differ from service to service. Not sure what you mean by ID translation, but outputting data is easy. Making API calls also shouldn’t be very difficult. The most complex would be the oAuth flow, but as I said, you just have to read the docs of API and implement it. I guess it would require some redirects and what not to make it work.

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Thanks again,
No, it was not the goal of the post :wink: Just I want to be sure that there is no longer a plugin that provide a short solution to my requeriments.

I have read some post, but I did not find an approach similar to my requeriments. Just last question (I hope that it is not too much) could you provide the links to the documentation of the topics that you mention in your previous post?

Thanks in advanced.

I’m not sure I mentioned any topics :slight_smile: Which part of my post are you referring to?

Were there used to be some plugin?

Refering the topics, I mean if there any documentation (in Grav) for outputting data, Making API calls, oAuth,…

Sorry I mean to say if there was already a plugin :wink:

You could start with a plugin tutorial and then check some more recipes. I doubt you’ll find a ready solution to your specific needs.

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