Logout button only logs out after CTRL-F5

Hi everyone,

If I click on the Logout button from the Login plugin page page does not change and I still see the Logout button. I have to press CTRL-F5 to see the Login button again. Even if I disable Caching in getgrav that is the case. Anyone experienced the same?
I use Gantry.

This is the admin plugin right? Its the same for me. Logging out seems to happen as I get a pile of permission errors but I’m still in the admin panel. I refresh and get an error about not having permissions to view the page. I refresh again and get the login screen - no errors. Sometimes coming back to the admin site I go straight to the dashboard again but don’t seem to actually be logged in - more permissions errors. I’m on the newest Grav (1.7) and don’t have a solution unfortunately.

For me its not related to the admin plugin - but the login plugin. It seems that there is some component that is aggressively caching or the twigs components do not send an update when they change. Not sure if it is my Apache server, GetGrav or Gantry. None ever had this problem? Everything just seem to stay the same until I hit CTRL-F5 I even disabled the caching from my browser. Is there any information I can attach that is useful? Maybe the configuration info page?