Logout access forbidden

I guess it’s some Login plugin misconfiguration on my side, but can’t figure out. I can login with site.login access account, but then I can’t logout.

If I use login-status.html.twig template, I get:


You don’t have permission to access /task:login.logout/logout-nonce:*** on this server.

If I take URL from login-form.html.twig

{{ uri.addNonce(base_url_relative ~ uri.path ~ '/task' ~ config.system.param_sep ~ 'login.logout', 'logout-form', 'logout-nonce')|e }}

I just get redirected to about:blank#blocked, but still not logged out.

Visually both logout URLs look the same in source

It seems I get this only on local :confused: On production I can logout without a problem. Probably some misconfiguration. Will let you know here if I figure this out

Am I the only one having this? :frowning: Can’t figure out what’s wrong with my local env :confused:

  • Absolutely fresh Grav 1.7.5
  • Admin + dependencies installed via GPM
  • Added Admin user on first page load
  • Added second user with site.login permissions only
  • Added site.login access requirement on /home page
  • Opened home page, logged in with second user, logout gives “Forbidden” error

Laragon on Win10
Latest Chrome browser