Updated to Grav 1.4.4 + login plugin now can't log in - fetch failed

edit: I’ve just realised I can still login if I don’t enter a 2FA code and just press login I’m able to log in.

I’ve just updated to Grav 1.4.4 through the admin panel - this went fine.
I updated the login plugin - this seemed to be fine but at the end of the update it logged me out and now I can’t login to the admin panel. I’m getting this “You have been successfully logged in” followed by “fetch failed”. I can log in and out but can’t get past the this login prompt.

So I realised I hadn’t updated the admin plugin along with the login plugin. I did this via cli and now I get a 2FA screen code along with “fetch failed” but I have 2fa disabled so I shouldn’t even see this.

In Chrome dev tools I get these to 403s:

POST https://site.com/admin/update.json/task:getUpdates 403 (Forbidden)
POST https://site.com/admin/notifications.json/task:getNotifications 403 (Forbidden)

twofa_enabled: false

Me too, exactly the same: core update went well, updating the plugin’s logged me out and locked me out :disappointed:

same here :frowning: it happens only on one of my Gravs though…

I updated all plugins with
bin/gpm update
and the issue resolved

In /user/plugins/admin/admin.yaml change twofa_enabled: true to twofa_enabled: false. After that change you can login again like normal. Maybe you’ll need to clear your browser cache.

It appears this setting was introduced to the config with set to true even before the Admin Plugin used it.

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