Lingonberry theme released

Lingonberry - clean and simple theme for bloggers, with responsive design and beautiful typography. Features custom post formats, post slideshows and more.


I recently installed Grav and now I’m playing around with it. So I decided for Lingonberry as a theme for a personal journal. I like Grav and Lingonberry as well.

One thing I didn’t manage so far is to have Lingonberry in German. As I understand it themes can support languages (e.g displaying “Kommentare” instead of “Comments”) via a file “languages.yaml”.

Lingonberry does not have this file and such strings are hard-coded in its templates. So Lingonberry doesn’t support other than the hard-coded English.

Is this correct?

Another question to Lingonberry: I didn’t get RelatedPages to work with Lingonberry. I installed the Grav-admin package and afterwords I added the Lingonberry theme as well as the pages from the Lingonberry skeleton. I tried various setings in user/config/plugins/relatedpages.yaml and added to blog_item.html.twig:

  {% if config.plugins.relatedpages.enabled and related_pages|length > 0 %}
  <div class="post-nav">
      <h4>Related Posts</h4>
      {% include 'partials/relatedpages.html.twig' %}
  {% endif %}

Did I miss something?

Oops, sorry. I just see my one reply unintentionally got posted twice :frowning:

The route for the SimpleSearch Plugin in Lingonberry is set to “/search”. So when someone (for whatever reason) has subdirectories (like she moved the blog to path “/blog”) the search doesn’t work because the search form sets the URL to “/blog/search”.

Would it advisable then to change the searchbox in “simplesearch_searchbox.html.twig” from

<input type="search" placeholder="Search..." value="{{ query }}" data-search-input="{{ base_url }},{{ config.plugins.simplesearch.route}}/query"  name="s" id="s"/>


<input type="search" placeholder="Search..." value="{{ query }}" data-search-input="{{ config.plugins.simplesearch.route}}/query"  name="s" id="s"/>

Yeah. Several strings are hardcoded. I might add full lang support in next release. Can you create issue for that ?

I will do so. I put it on my list (as I’m completely new to Gibhub and will reserve some minutes for doing so).