Can't launch comment plugin / linonberry theme


I’m starting my adventure with GRAV cms and I need a little bit of help with adding / launching plugins on my site.

I’m using lingonberry theme and on grav skeleton I see that this theme has got installed comments plugin in it but somehow I can’t see anything on my site, I mean the comment content (ppl can’t give comments to my posts cuz there is no such option) even doe I checked in plugin section and comment plugin is online.

What can I do in such situation? How can I enable comment plugin for my site?
I’ve got panel admin with comment plugin v.1.27

Thanks in advence for every reply

So you have installed the Ligonberrry skeleton? And you installed this skeleton but don’t see comments at the bottom of each post?

Yes, exactly. I don’t see comments at the bottom of posts. Really don’t know why. It’s my 2nd installation of this theme. What could I done wrong? I just simply put files on ftp server

OK, I see the problem. This theme requires JSComments plugin that is not provided in the skeleton. I think you need to install it via gpm:

$ bin/gpm install jscomments

Then follow the instructions to configure it:

Thank you Sir for your help! I will try this solution.