Help translating Multilang Skeleton

First off thanks for those that helped with the translations I asked about yesterday. Those were to enable the multilang capabilities in the Cacti Theme that was released today:

This theme is being used in a broader Multilang Skeleton package that was also released and can be seen live on the Multilang Skeleton Demo.

What we need now is some help providing translations for the few blog pages and one author page:

The best way to do this is to fork, add, and issue a PR for the language you are contributing. The french one that is there now is 100% google translate, so I’m sure it’s awful!


I was looking into the translations for Dutch. I’m just a bit confused about some link to I’ll just take that over but how does that fit Grav? MIght it not confuse possible adopters?

I just now finished translating into Italian.
is my first time I use Github, I hope you did not forget anything …

arg… the link is a hold over from the original theme port from the Jekyll version.

No problem, actually, I think that link is not used in that post.

Would the purpose have been to have footnotes?


Then it would be better like this:


And the references like [^grav] instead of [grav] ? So note only the last 2 are used as links, not as references to footnotes, [grav] is not used. I think it makes sense to point to grav’s home page as well from that blog in some way

On the idiomatic language used in Grav documentation and elsewhere: I do generally prefer it to the much more technical language used in other CMS’, but what are your thoughts on the translation of idioms and the use of acknowledged techno-talk? For example, the welcome-to-grav post has the headline “Get ready to fall in love :)”. This translates easily, but other language will deviate more if a preference for ease-of-understanding is upheld.

Also, technical terms such as code blocks, nested code, snippet, etc. have various standard ways of being translating in the industry. Is it preferable to follow one set of ways of translating these terms, if so which?

I would prefer to keep the translations as personal and friendly as possible. How that best translates into each language is a difficult thing for me to answer. Only speaking english I have very little knowledge of how other languages relate, so I’m going to have to trust you guys to know what the best approach is.

Hello @rhukster: “awful” is perhaps a bit strong, but you’re right in thinking that the French version “feels” a little off… Sadly I won’t be able to help until next week, so I hope you’re not too much in a hurry.
As I saw someone already takling Italian, I’ll let that aside for the moment.
And of course, if anyone wants to have a go at French meanwhile, it is by no means a “chasse gardée” :wink:

The text for translate need. I will translate it into ru and ua.