Lingonberry - Skeleton need fixes


I have set up a new site for a blog with the Lingonberry skeleton.
I encounter a few problems:

  • nothing appears in the CALENDAR column in the footer
  • the COMMENTS form is not displayed under the blog message

So I went on the hunt for solutions.
On github there are two open FIXes that helped me further, thank you:

To activate the COMMENTS

To fix a little detail

But now, below my blog post I get two times the COMMENTS form and when I type a comment, it never appears.
In the admin panel the COMMENTS page is empty too.

  • why is the input form duplicated ?
  • where does the comment go after I validate ?

Then for the CALENDAR I found this page
that helped me to copy the archives.html.twig file at the right spot and to add one line in the footer.html.twig file of the theme:

{% include "partials/archives.html.twig" %}

between those two lines:

<div id="calender_wrap">

Is this correct ?
Why is that not included in the skeleton already ?

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

The blog I am working on is here: