Lightslider change the height of the scrolling slider in image mode

Hi Andy, here are some indications about my method, but I will answer you more precisely

later (I just prepared this post and I was going to put it on the forum).

In “text” mode (slider_type: text) I didn’t understand the importance of the big line “___” which must be added systematically at the bottom of the .md file, but now I understand and it works even if there is a written content or not.
I can also modify the height of the scrolling slider (type_text_height: 250px) so everything is fine.

But in “image” mode I can’t change the height of the slider, and I don’t understand why, I emptied the caches in admin console, I also deleted the content of the cache in terminal, nothing changes, do you have a solution please?jef

Capture du 2021-10-16 10-33-54|639x500

On my method of including images in the slider:

-the first time I didn’t take care to resize the images, and I copied it from my personal folder (home/images) then pasted it in :
-the second time I resized them before, to the size of those already in the skeleton (the three images are in 1024x683) and pasted them in the same way as above.
-in the first case, I had images of different heights, and in the second case all of them were aligned.
-to rename them I kept the skeleton template (ex:image-4.jpg) since I’m doing some tests right now.

Concerning the files that I modify, they are “” which is in /user/pages/slider and I also modify “lightslider.yaml” which is in: user/plugins/lightslider

I modify both of them so that they are identical as you can see on the image capture.
Have a nice day.jef

I add after having tested just now, that renaming images to “01.image.jpg” “02.image.jpg” etc…, does not work in “image” mode either.

Hello @jefrey I made a post, in which I had to explain how I inserted LightSlider in Quark blog template, the height should not be a problem, all images have to have same height, their names image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg etc., in the image style I used the following,

img {
    display: block;
    height: auto;
    max-width: 100%;

Please look the whole post specially point 2.- lightslider.html.twig on this post. Hope this can help:


Hello Joejac, thank you for your answer, I couldn’t do any tests right now in relation to your post, but I will take a closer look at the end of next week, thank you again. Good day. jef