Lightslider plugin images not showing on slider_type text

Grav newbie here . I was trying lightslider plugin . It is displaying images and text as it is supposed to be but when i set the slider_type : text and i have images with names image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg,image-3.jpg in the same folder, the images are not loading . The read me says

When in text mode, the lightslider template automatically looks for images of the format: image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg, image-3.jpg, etc. It will associate each section of the page content to each image in order.

Can somebody please guide me on what i have done wrong ?

@anoopd, Gave the plugin a try in my fresh install of ‘One Page’ skeleton…

Switching to ‘text’ wasn’t working at first, but (surprisingly) a $ bin/grav cache solved that.

Since clearing the cache, switching between ‘text’ and ‘image’ works flawless.

Btw. I used the slider in a modular page, not a regular page.