Quark blog: replace Hero image with LightSlider

I was able to place LightSlider script in place of the hero image of Blog Skeleton with Quark theme, unfortunately, for some reason I lose control on the summaries section of Blog page, I must be doing something wrong but I was not able to debug it.

Then I tried to use the LightSlider plugin but it is a modular page and the Blog is not modular, and unfortunately I do not get the way to make it work with the Blog template.

I wonder if is there a tutorial on how to replace the hero image, of Quark Theme, for the LightSlider script.

What I did is in this post, and many more unsuccessful tests afterwards,

I would appreciate if someone can show me the right way to attach LightSlider, without causing problems to the summaries section of the Blog Skeleton within Quark theme inherited. Thanks.

Finally it was not so difficult, as per the documentation in Cookbook > General Recipes
Unfortunately I do not cook :laughing:

I quote the information I was missing:

For a modular gallery to be displayed inside another page, remove the following code from the Twig file in order to make it work:

{% extends 'partials/base.html.twig' %}

{% block content %}
    {{ page.content|raw }}


{% endblock %}

I removed the extends tag but I let the block tag for the LisghtSlider code, and is working fine now.

I had the task done pretty close since the first time, but I had an extra line, that is in my post describing the replacement of Hero image with LightSlider script, I removed and it worked fine, no more conflicts with the Blog summaries section:

2.- lightslider.html.twig

{% extends 'blog.html.twig' %}

One thing that intrigue me is that I do not see the code of the LightSlider in the source of the blog webpage :thinking:, I must keep studying and trying to better understand Grav functioning and Documentation, that is very good, and extensive.
I apologize to all the programmers in this forum for my novice questions.

Thanks and regards.