Issue with Grav plugins: shoppingcart and shoppingcart-paypal and a question. thanks


Does someone has used the grav-plugin-shoppingcart and the grav-plugin-shoppingcart-paypal?
They are very well integrated with Grav CMS but unfortunately I encountered an issue while testing with the Sandbox Paypal test account. I reported the issue on the corresponding GitHub’s plugins pages. Unfortunately, other person also had same issue and reported it about 3 weeks ago and he got no answer, I assume the developer must be very busy.

Sorry, but I am not a programmer and I would like to know if someone from Grav community has resolved the issue and wants to share the solution.

These are the links where I explan the issue:

The other fellow’s post:

Thanks and regards


I need to make the Grav store I installed working with PayPal. I have used Flavio’s Plugins:
Shopping Cart v1.2.2
Shopping Cart PayPal Express Addon v1.1.2

As per my previous post I found an Issue, unfortunately I posted in both GitHub projects on October and as of today no answer from the author was received. I sent an email to him to the email that is on the plugins and no answer either.

Does anybody knows if these plugins were abandoned by his autor, and if there is other Open Source Shopping cart that can be easily connected to Grav CMS and to PayPal?.

Thank you and regards

Hey Jose,

do you know if the offline payment plugin is available somewhere?


Hello Christian,
Sorry for my delay in answer, I was not able to use Grav, some plugins not working.
It should be please search for it.
This is the page of the plugin:
but do not count on it, the developer does not response to messages neither to issues with its plugin in his GitHub plugin pages.