Ideal payment (mollie payment)

Hey i really love this grav system. I saw that snipcart has an integrated payment module with creditcard option.

for a customer I want a payment module with ideal. But i rather not want switch back to wordpress or drupal just because of that.

so i thought it should be possible to write a plugin myself for example it would like to integrate omniepay-mollie into grav.

Is there someone who also would like this feature and can help me with that?

I wrote The difference with Snipcart is that it’s all happening on your site. Now it only integrates with Stripe, I want to add PayPal in the future.

You might want to look at it, and maybe you can just swap Stripe with Mollie at the checkout.

I’d like to integrate Omnipay or Payum in the future, to have access to a larger set of gateways with the same codebase, when I’ll find some time to do it.

Great. I will look into that.