How to embed PayPal Shopping Cart buttons?


First thank you for make Grav be freely available, it look very promising.

I searched in the forums but what I found is this post: Snipcart add to cart different sizes
Muut responded to himself: “Sorry for the late reply. I ended using paypal buttons. So no real solution with snipcart… sorry”

So I assume it can be done, and my question is:
If a person that is not a programmer can copy from Paypal the html code of a Paypal shopping cart’s button and be able to open the code of the editable area of a page in the Administration Module and paste that code and PayPal shopping cart will work smoothly with Grav, and how to do that?.

I mean if a not technical person can create a new product page using the Grav Administration module with its web editor, (without needing to have access to the server’s account file system), and to add below the product description the code of the PayPal for the product.

I hope I was able to explain myself.

Thank you for your answers, if you know about links to tutorials please include them.
Best regards

I did the test, it is possible to insert html tags among the markdown code, I was able to test one of my Paypal Add to cart buttons and it worked fine. Now I am studying the Shop Site example with the Grav cart to see how can I take out the Grav cart buttons and include my Paypal cart buttons.