Are shoppingcart and shoppingcart-paypal plugins maintained or not?


Does somebody knows if shoppingcart and shoppingcart-paypal plugins are maintained or they were abandoned by their author?


@flavio would know, he maintains and develops them.

Thank you OleVik, yes I saw Flavio’s gmail address in the plugins and I sent him an email 9 days ago, I also posted in the github page of the project my Spanish translation of the Shopping cart yaml file, but I did not receive yet any answer from him.

Hello @OleVik
It’s been over a year and there is still no response from @flavio I put the project on standby.

I recently discovered that Flavio is in other developments, so I understand that GravCart will not continue its development.

My question is: what another Open Source shopping cart can be used that is compatible with Grav and that it is maintained by its developers?
Thank you and regards

Flavio is no longer, to my knowledge, an active developer with Grav. Ricardo is developing a new Stripe-plugin if that helps.