IntelliJ Plugin for Grav

Hello to the Grav community!

I’ve developed an IntelliJ plugin called Grav Support to support the famous Grav CMS
for IntelliJ Community and Ultimate (PhpStorm support is planned).

This might be interesting for developers who already use
IntelliJ as IDE or for those who want to give an alternative IDE a try.

IntelliJ provides markdown, yaml and twig support. If you use the Ultimate
edition then you will have also Php support.

The plugin is an open source project that can be found on GitHub.

The latest version is 0.1-beta and the features are so far:

  • Create SDK for Grav

  • Create a Grav module using IntelliJ Wizard

  • Ability to download and install Grav from the Module Wizard

  • Create specific configuration files for a theme in the theme directory (blueprints.yaml, THEME_NAME.yaml)

  • Recognition of basic Grav configuration files

  • New icons

  • Create new theme

  • Settings menu (application and project)

  • Special localization file editor

It’s your turn now. Tell me what you think about it, which features should be included
in the next version (so that I can prioritize my todo list) or maybe you are experienced
enough to contribute to this project and help to improve this plugin for the whole
Grav community.

The Changelog and Readme can be found on GitHub as well as all releases.

I always appreciate feedback! I’ll be posting some updates from time to time in this forum and check what
feedback arrives here.

Best wishes


This is awesome. I use PHPStorm for all my Grav development and this will be really useful. Please let me know when PHPStorm support is ready and i’ll definitely be up for testing it.


Sounds pretty interesting, I’m sure the community highly appreciate your efforts.

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I wanted to let you know that with the latest release on GitHub PhpStorm support is finally arrived!

It’s now possible to create a new Grav project within PhpStorm or enable the plugin via the settings menu of an existing grav project.

I’ve put some efforts to enable more comfortable language file editing:

I think I’ll have a look at the issue page of the Grav GitHub site to decide and prioritize what features to implement in general.

Happy testing!



i use Atom, i’d like to try alternative IDE, but bit confused
Do i need both ?

IntelliJ is specifically written for Java development. PhpStorm is for PHP development. You need the later version.

Hey thanks for your plugin! I’ll give it a try.

@dimitrilongo - You can use IntelliJ Utlimate, which I am using. Utlimate Edition combines all other Jetbrains IDEs, including PHP Storm. So it works just fine with PHP and Twig. But if you just need PHP, you better go with PHP Storm cause it’s much cheaper then.

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o wow :slight_smile: let me try this! thank you!!!

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I want to announce that the Grav Support plugin is now available in the JetBrains Plugins Repository

Now you can install it comfortably via Plugins in the settings menu of PhpStorm.
To do that simply open the settings menu CTRL+ALT+S or File -> Settings and go to Plugins. Click on the button Browse repositories and search for
Grav Support.
This way you will get notified if a new update is available!


Nice work @picobeat!

Both IDE share the same functionaliy thru plugins. So you can pick any.

Especially for polyglot programmer I’d strongly recommend IntelliJ IDEA instead of multiple installations like Webstorm, PHPStorm, Gogland, PyCharm … it just costs more money and you have to update more installations, I went thru that crap until I figured it out a couple of years ago. Nowadays JetBrains documentation is more clear.

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