Grav :) Admin Panel Suggest

Hi there Grav people. Wow, I just came across this application, and although I did not try it yet, it looks very promising (modern, well-documented). For a long time, we have been using Stacey, which is a very similar framework, perhaps first of its kind, but now kinda discontinued. We did however recently build a modern admin-panel for our project, which likely could be adapted for usage with Grav. It has a simple interface with a structure of content, markdown editor, gallery editor and more. Perhaps someone with insight in Grav could take a look and let me know what they think? guest/guest

We would certainly be interested in porting our entire project frontend onto Grav once we find the time.

Your admin panel looks really nice! We are working on our admin panel, it’s close but not quite done yet. Yours looks really nice too though. Is it open source? Cheers!

I believe we would definitely be able to consider that, although it would perhaps be best to have some experience with Grav first. I hope sooner than later that we can take a closer look at Grav itself as it looks very exciting, well-crafted and maintained. This is the CMS I was looking for 2 years ago, and would be interested in contributing to. May I ask two questions while I got you here … 1. Does Grav use any PHP framework? 2. There are many similar “CMS’es” out there (of variable quality), and I am curious what inspired you to create your own? Thanks for the feedback.

It doesn’t use a framework per-say, because they are all too heavy and Grav focuses on speed. However, we do make extensive use of 3rd party libraries such as Symfony, Twig, Doctrine-Cache, etc.

You can see all these listed in the composer.json:

Regarding I started Grav, I wrote a blog post about it last year:

If you want to chat more about Grav, I’m always on our Gitter chat, so just join that (top right icon on this site) i’m we can talk in realtime :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I looked more through the docs, and Grav seems to be the projection of what I was searching for 2 years ago. Unfortunately for me, it may be a few months until I will find time to adopt it :frowning: I do a lot of cool frontendish stuff, and will be hanging around in the gitter chat. cya!