Install Grav in a subfolder

Hello ! I would like to install Grav in a subfolder of my website (my host is, but I always get a blank page and/or an error 500. In reading the documentation, I noticed that CMS had to put the files in the webroot. But what the webroot exactly? Is it still possible to install Grav in a subfolder?

Yes it is, Just link your domain (or subdomain) to the folder, grav is installed in. E.g. if you install grav to /wwwroot/user/my-grav-page/ then you have to point your domain (or subdomain) directly to this directory.

Meaning ? You just have to place Grav files to a folder on my hosting?

If you use a skeleton, then yes. Just copy all files within a skeleton to a folder on your FTP and you should be fine. The index.php is already in there! :slight_smile:

To acces the admin-plugin just browse to (example)

I’ll go try her :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your help!

You’re welcome! Just to summarize:

  1. download a skeleton (recommendation: GRAV + Admin Plugin)
  2. extract the files to somewhere on your pc
  3. make your config to the admin-plugin as described in the admin-plugins-site
  4. copy all files to your FTP in the root-directory or a subfolder
  5. point your domain or subdomain to that folder
    6a) access your page by
    6b) access the admin-page by
  6. enjoy the best cms in the world :slight_smile:

You can not access the site in the way:

Of course you can.

Okay, thank you !

The skeletons are a good way to learn, since they are packed full with demo-content.

Okay, thank you board!

In my beginning with grav I used to download multiple skeletons just to compare the features. This could be then like this:
and so on.

And remember one thing: when markdown doesn`t fit your needs, GRAV fully supports plain HTML!

I have compared different skeletons locally on my computer, the problem was to transfer the files to my FTP :slight_smile:

I always get an error code

What code do you get? I use Filezilla, never had any problems.

The problem did not come from FileZilla but my accommodation: I got a 500 error or a blank page

It must be configured with chmod FileZilla?

just right-click on the .htaccess, choose "permissions (Dateiberechtigungen in german) and set the value to 777. For me it works with 644.