Install in subdirectory but serve from web root

ahoy all,

i am trying to install Grav into a “grav” subdirectory of the web server’s root “public_html” (i.e. /public_html/grav/) but have Grav working as if it is indeed in the root folder. the end goal is to have Grav transparently serving from the root folder of the while located in its subdirectory.

thus to achieve this i have:

while i do end up with Grav transparently serving from the root folder, i can no longer access the admin panel: i can reach it at but logging in just returns me to the same page.

since this is usually done entirely with htaccess magic, is there something Grav specific that i am missing?

thanks, w

@waynedpj, Never tried it myself, but there is a document page on this: Change the site URL

Not sure if you’ve already read that…

thank you @pamtbaau i just must have kept missing the single page that had exactly what i was looking for :wink:

for visitors from the future, my attempt was almost there, it just was missing the following key in user/config/system.yaml:

  path: /

thanks again.