"Insert/edit image" Box Has Changed to "Insert Link" Box

Hello Grav Team,

Recently, we upgraded our PHP version to 7.3.10 due to some security scan results that had us in the red while on version 7.2.7.

After the update, we have noticed a strange anomaly with adding images. When inserting images via the “Page Media” section at the bottom of a page, the dialog box that appears is an “Insert link” dialog box which only inserts a link to the image.

Now, this is only occurring with new images we attempt to insert. Images that were there previous to the PHP upgrade still trigger the correct “Insert/edit” dialog box. Here is a quick gif demonstrating the issue:

First, I am not sure if this would be considered a Grav issue or a TinyMCE editor plugin problem. Therefore, let me know if I need to direct this inquiry elsewhere.

Secondly, here are a few troubleshooting steps I took:

  1. During the PHP upgrade, we were on version 1.6.15 of Grav. I upgraded to 1.6.16 as well as the beta 1.7.0-beta.9. No dice.
  2. Upgraded our TinyMCE editor.
  3. Cleared Grav and browser cache/cookies.
  4. Tested brand new pages.
  5. Tested different browsers.
  6. Tested multiple different image types/sizes.

Lastly, the odd thing is when I view the image from “Page Media” section, I receive a 500 error even though the file is in the proper folder on the server. Here are some more screenshots about this:

I hope this information helps. If you could point us in the right direction for a resolution that would be most appreciate. Let me know if I can provide any further information.

Thank you!


Closing the loop here. We downgraded to a lower version of PHP and the issue no longer occurs.