Whenever i upload image on to page, image is not showing live on page

Recently started working on GRAV CMS, i created many pages with texts but when i uploaded images in to image section and put the code on to same page that image belongs to same page, but still can’t showing this images successfully. please help me and guide on this.

Hi @mindtek, welcome to the Grav forum.

What code did you try? Though HTML is allowed it’s use in Grav pages content is discouraged. Grav is a markdown cantered CMS.

This is the markdown code to be used in page content: ![Image of an old typewriter](blog-header.png)
This is Twig code for use in templates: {{ page.media['blog-header.jpg'] }}

Please read the section about Media in the Grav documentation.

If you still run into problems explain what you did and what does not work in detail. I’m sure we can help you in that case.