TinyMCE editor, image insert?

Hi all,

As a new member of your community, I’ve searched thoroughly in this discourse. But I can’t find how to select images with use of the TinyMCE-plugin. Version 1.3 of this plugin should do the job but maybe I’m missing something? Grav 1.7.34 with theme ‘Vela’.

Thanks for any help

@Galileo, When having an issue with either Grav, theme, or plugin, it is often useful to not only search this forum, but also the issues at the repo of the plugin.

Dear Pamtbaau,
thx for the comment, but I cannot find a solution on Github as you suggested. See the posts of 7 nov 2020 and 9 jan 2021. The solution isn’t announced in the repo as far as I can see,