Image uploading issues in Admin console

I’m using the latest version of Grav with the receptar theme. I’m attempting to create a new article, and am uploading my images via the admin console. The first image (1.1MB) loads fine. Subsequent images fail to show up in the admin console, but are uploaded to my server. Additionally, once the subsequent images are loaded, I receive a “Fetch Error” in the console.

As much as I like to work at the CLI, I’d prefer the console for larger articles.

Please advise on how I can look into resolving the issue.


Can you check in the browser console ( and in the Network panel, check when you upload an image, click the request and you should see an error, hopefully, more detailed than just “Fetch error”

No longer getting fetch error after installing resize plugin, but now text from page no longer loads…just the side image (which I’m still trying to figure out how to change the default per article)