Unable to upload and insert Media via Admin Panel Page Media

I’ve just done a fresh install using Composer and added the Admin Plugin through bin/gpm. All is well (well almost…).
It’s possible to use the Page Media pane to select a local image by dropping the image file there or by browsing to it. An thumbnail is shown in the Page Media pane just as expected.
When I use the Insert option on the thumbnail the proper markdown is inserted but the image is not displayed in the front end.

The problem is that the file isn’t really uploaded to the page folder. File permissions are as default being 775 for every folder in the path /user/pages/01.home

Any suggestions on what I’m missing here are welcome. Thank you in advance,

Never mind. Problem solved.
I searched but only after my post I found the solution. It was a Safari issue which has been fixed by w00fz (this commit: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-admin/commit/0512a7f4f659d56be0320915e209a05df1c7c5ab).
Of course I should have tried another browser but the positive side is, I now can confirm the fix for Safari. Thanks w00fz!

There should be a named law that states that shortly after you ask a question in a public form, you will find your answer. I seem to do it all the time! Perhaps a corollary to Cunningham’s Law.

Indeed, there should. That’s fairly simple, to just rephrase your words: “Perlkönigs Law states that the best way to find an answer yourself is to post the question on the web.”. The hard part is getting this law accepted as such though. :slight_smile:

We plan on getting some updates out soon! Quite a few fixes are pending release.

Thanks for all the hard work you and the others of Team Grav are putting in to make Grav even better than it already is. Many, many thumbs up !!!