How to use Bootstrap or Spectre in my theme

Hi, I am new at Grav CMS. I installed it successfully with Portainer.

I have few questions.

Can I use bootstrap or spectre.css to use for theming? I need cards like in Material Design. How to use/build them in Grav?

Where to get good tutorials?


Can I use bootstrap or spectre.css to use for theming?

Yes, that is possible.

How to use/build them in Grav?

Grav does not provide documentation explaining the integration/use of any CSS Framework. Grav does provide a documentation section on themes, but it only covers Grav’s side of it.

Documentation about a specific CSS Framework can be found on their own websites.

You might take as a starting point an existing theme which is based on a framework of your choice. You might search for one at Themes | Grav CMS.

Could you please tell me, how to implement the css-cards-elements to use in Grav CMS? Do I have to make a plugin or whatever?

Please give me a hint.

@wmcig, No, I can’t… :frowning:

  • I know what cards are but I have not idea what “css-cards-elements” are…
  • I have no idea what your plans and requirements are.
  • Based on your questions and wordings, I’m afraid Discourse is probably not the right place for it.

I would suggest to start with a theme that uses Bootstrap or Spectre. Then, if you have sufficient knowledge of HTML, CSS and Twig, you should be able to add cards to the templates.

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Thank you for your help.

I wanna try a skeleton package to learn with it.