CSS/Spectre and all that junk. Nothing makes sense!

I know how to use CSS. Now I try the Quark theme and want to put a simple border around posts. And nothing works. Everything refferes to something else,in a folder of a sub folder of a different folder and I have a lot of css files,a los of sass and scss files and know nothing about what to edit.

I find the block/card reference in one css file,but it wont work. Messing around found more of it,still nothing…

So… what now?Is there anything actually simple working out of the box?

My advice is to first disable css pipeline in your system.yaml. Then use dev tools in chrome (or Firefox) to inspect the element and you will be able to see exactly what scss file and line is influencing that element.

When you make changes you have to run gulp to compile the scss. Or you can add your own styling or overrides to the custom.css file.