How do I use Bulma with Grav?


I want to learn to use Grav and wanted to customize the site with Bulma and SCSS.

Is that possible? If so, how can I do it?

Currently I have a shared hosting but I want to do the development in local first.


I want to learn to use Grav […] Is that possible?

Only you can tell :slight_smile:

[…] and wanted to customize the site with Bulma and SCSS. Is that possible?

Sure, but it is easier said then done.

If so, how can I do it?

That depends on your starting point and your skills. Before I make the wrong assumption, would you mind sharing:

  • Your current expertise.
  • You experience with e.g. Twig, SCSS, Bulma, other frameworks
  • What’s your starting point?
    • Are you porting an existing website to Grav?
    • Do you have an existing theme in mind, or are you starting from scratch?

Thank you for your reply, @pamtbaau.

  • I’m currently a web developer but I’m more focused in back-end maintenance so I don’t have a deep knowledge of front-end frameworks. I’ve use Java mostly and some PHP although recently I’ve started to use Node too. As said, no experience with Twig, SCSS, Bulma… etc.
  • I would say my starting point is zero.
  • No, I’m starting from scratch. I just want to get familiar with the tool.
  • I do have some theme templates I like but my intention is to mimic those and integrate them with Quark through Bulma and SCSS with Inheritance or even create a new one if neccesary.

@bybpow, Thanks for this information.

There is a bit of learning ahead…

Replacing Spectre with Bulma
Quark uses the Spectra which is just another SCSS Framework.
Ripping Spectre from Quark means you have to replace the backend infra for working with Spectra, with that required for Bulma. Then you will need to replace all classes from the Twig files and replace them with Bulma classes.

I wouldn’t choose for rip and replace. Spectre and Bulma serve the same purpose. Concepts learned from Spectre can later be used when using Bulma in your own custom theme.

Initial focus points
I would start with adapting the Quark theme, learning the Twig concepts and the functions/variables injected into Twig by Grav. I think that will be challenging enough to start with.

Yep, it seems a lot of work ahead. I’m going to do as you said and learn Twig workflow first, then maybe I’ll try to do some Spectra CSS (although Bulma caught my eye more).

Thank you for your help, @pamtbaau.