Does Grav support Bootstrap themes?

Does Grav support Bootstrap themes?

I am not developer nor i have any idea in coding and i am creating my first website which is a blog. I loved themes provided by opensource bootstrap. So does grav support bootstrap?

We have a bootstrap theme for Grav in the downloads section already.

Oh just want to mention that even though a theme is ‘based on bootstrap’ does not make it a drop in theme that can be used anywhere. We have a theme that uses the default bootstrap framework and it’s intended to be ‘extended’ and modified at needed. So if you wanted to create a bootstrap based theme, it’s the best place to start.

However, like any CMS platform, there will be some work required if you want to customize the theme with a bootstrap-based theme. This will require some knowledge.

For your first website, I suggest picking one of the themes we have available in our downloads area, and using that.