How to get active simplecontact?

I not understand plugin configuration

I’ve passed on your request to the author (@namaless) of the simplecontact plugin. You might be better off trying to reach him via the Grav Gitter chat room:

Thank-you ! Im a french and no control english langage

He’s italian :slight_smile:

I do not understand how this plugin or how to turn it from a page created ?

Very special !

Heya guys :slight_smile:
Here you can found many addictional informations about the configuration tell me if you need more assistant :slight_smile:

What should I include in my page to activate the plugin?

The plugin activated when you use simplecontact: true or with array configuration example here:

no success

You can post the page content please? Use gist or pastie for the best.

I created a contact and read simplecontact: true

I have tested now and no problem to see the form, without source I can’t help :frowning:
Give me more informations for check what wrong, thanks :slight_smile:

Ma page name file and i read in this file simplecontact: true

please check this file: /user/config/system.yaml

and change “errors: display: true” to see the error, i found one bug, but i need the secure

or if you don’t want change the configuration file you can check with this:
in the page header use instead simplecontact: true
simplecontact: []

enabled: true

subject: "New contact from Grav site!“
recipient: "

label: "Name"
placeholder: “Add your name”

label: "Email"
placeholder: “Add your email”

label: "Message"
placeholder: “Add your message”

label: "Antispam"
placeholder: “Please leave this field empty for Antispam”

label: “Submit”

success: "Thank You! Your message has been sent."
error: "Oops! There was a problem with your submission. Please complete the form and try again."
fail: “Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn’t send your message.”

This is a configuration fine, please update your page header with this:

simplecontact: []

instead this

simplecontact: true

and reply to me if you see the form or not. Thanks!