Simple Contact

Apparently, I’m an idiot but I have the Simple Contact plug in installed and can’t seem to get it to show up on the contact page. What do i need to add there? is it shortcode or what?

On your template, make sure you added:

{% if config.plugins.simple_form.enabled %}
    {% set simple_form_config = page.header.simple_form ?: config.themes.YOUR_TEMPLATE_HERE.simple_form %}
    {{ simple_form(simple_form_config) }}
 {% endif %}

and inside markdown page you need to include following header variables:

      token: "your token goes here" 
      template_file: "default"
      redirect_to: /thankyou

Sorry for being ignorant but do I put the if statement in the base.html.twig file before the endblock? Thank you

So yeah I actually have the form now but when i hit send it takes me here.