Add Contact form to Grav One-Page Template

What’s the best way, or is there a way to add a contact form to the one page Grav skeleton? I’ve tried copying a file from another skeleton into a subfolder called _contact, and then renaming it, but that didn’t work. I see their is a contact form plugin. Will that work on the one-page Grav skeleton? Making good progress otherwise! Thanks

SimpleContact plugin was probably used in that other skeleton to make it work. Also the new forms plugin that is utilized by the admin can create a contact form although this is not very well documented yet :slight_smile: Getting there!

reCAPTCHA Contact plugin works very well and easy to setup; creates a whole contact form which can be customized and added to any page.

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Thanks for the input. I’ll give that a try. I would like to add a contact form to The site. Thanks.