How to create a Wiki


sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

i am new on grav and also relatively new on “building a website” :slight_smile:

Is it possible to create a wiki with grav?

I want a closed wiki where you have at first to login.
The members should have the ability to create and change content directly in the page, it has to be very simple like on mediawiki with the new “visual editor”(if you dont know, please try it: ) important: they also should have the ability to crate new pages and topics/categories.

Also important is: if you write a text where a word was written and a page/topic exist with the same name, this word has to be automatically highlighted an linked to the page/topic.

Is grav capable to handle such system? i mean things like: is it made for big content, not like wikipedia but maybe the content of a big company wiki?

Thank you for your help.

Grav is capable, but currently there is no implementation of theme/plugins which allows the same scope of a wiki. Even basic MediaWiki, without the VisualEditor, is a massive system of integrations and syntax - all of which can be replicated in Grav, but I’m not aware of any such implementation that comes close to the *Wiki implementation.

VisualEditor in itself has a ton of requirements, and like most Wiki-systems MediaWiki runs with a database. Facilitating anything close to a full implementation would be audacious indeed, and a project worth open sourcing.

Thank you for the answer.

I like Grav very much and i see the potential in this project an how fast its going better, therefore i will try my best to find a way to create my website with Grav.

I only need two functions:

  1. a wysiwyg editor, but it has to be in frontend (it has to be easy for users to login ant to have the ability to edit and create a page)
  2. an easy way to link words to a page, like i described in my first post above

Do you think this is or will be possible? Maybe there are some plugins with similar functions?

For 1. there is Editable-SimpleMDE, which allows front-end editing with a WYSIWYM-editor at least. There’s a lack of robust WYSIWYG-editors with Markdown-capability, oddly enough.
For 2. you’d probably want to extend the Shortcode-Core to handle any special logic, but other than that Markdown allows inline-links anywhere easily.