Is a wiki possible

How can I make a small wiki with grav? The “learn” page looks good enough

The learn site is available in github:

Basically this is the user/ folder. If you have an installation of Grav, you can replace the user folder with this. It will be a replica of the learn site at that point.

does this have plugin dependencies?

We use the following freely available plugins:

  • Highlight (for syntax highlighting)
  • SimpleSearch (for searching the content)
  • Error (part of Grav)

You can install all of them with the Grav Package Manager (GPM) or can be downloaded from the Downloads Page

thanks - not sure if this might be a feature in the error reporting but when i saked ity was due to the error being “plugin enabled but not found” might be an idea to add the plugin name to the error?

Hmm… It should be displaying the plugin in question:

What version of Grav are you running?