How do you search for your *.md files into your project?

The problem with having all pages under the name or is that it’s difficult to look for it inside a project, I’m using Sublime Text or Atom and all my files have the same names. So instead, I tried to rename the *.md files using the name if the folder. Something like:

01.home/    >    01.home/

but the issue with that, is that if your don’t create a home.html.twig inside your templates/ folder, Grav automatically rename it as if you save this page from the Admin UI.

What is your solutions to avoid same names for .md? Or to avoid having all files name with same name as templates duplication?


I just use Windows explorer, search for .md, and all Markdown files show up. Drag them all into an editor, and identify them by page.title or path.

I use PhpStorm which i’m in most of the time, else i use SublimeText3. They both have a Fuzzy Search capability that makes this easy:

Monosnap 2016-05-30 18-40-53


Great, thank you rhusker