Grav looks like a dream. But does it mean content of 100 pages is contained in 100 files named the same “” and it means 100x make new folder with meanigful name, 100x times make new file or copy existing, 100x rename file to “”? Seems weird, exspecially when editing with external software, when locate the file or indexed search like OSX spotlight or same with windows. Hope, i got it wrong.

For simplicity each page is contained within it’s own folder. This allows us to bundle other page-related items (images, videos, files) in that same folder. Those folder names automatically become the slug for the route to that page.

Each folder can have (currently) only one .md file and the name of this file is by default, the name of the template used to render it. Hence will by default render with a template called default.html.twig.

However, you can change the behavior somewhat. You can name the .md whatever you like. For example, but then in the header of that file, you would need to tell Grav what template it should use other than my-first-post.html.twig. For example:

title: My First Post
template: default

More information on this on the learn site in the Headers section

Ah, i’m glad it is possible, with a simple little extra. Thank you for your explanation.