Custom page names overwritten by admin interface

Personally I think naming your files after the template is not good practice. This leads to multiple files on your website having the same filename. For example, a ten page site could have ten files. Why is this a problem?

  • If you move one file to the wrong location, you’ve overwritten your work.
  • If you have all files open in your text editor, how do you know which is which without looking more closely at the file?

So, grav allows this:

Page Name:

title: “Contact Banner”
template: modular/banner


Some banner text

But I found two Problems:

  • if you edit this content file in the admin interface it doesn’t show the correct template name from the “template” pull down menu. I found I have to select the template.
  • if you change the content and save the file in the admin interface, it renames your file to

This is a serious bug as it undoes the thought I’ve put into naming my files. And it prevents my editors from using the interface without undermining my efforts.

Am I doing something wrong or can this be fixed?

@bmcwilliams, if you want to suggest a new feature, or report a bug, you will have the highest chance of a response by the developers if you create an issue in one of the github repositories of Grav. That is where the devs “live” and manage issues, feature request and pull requests.