Horror see instead of the site. Help me please

Uploaded Panel
Horror Errors

It’s a permission issue: http://learn.getgrav.org/troubleshooting/permissions

It was found necessary rights 775. Thank you.
How to find the admin panel?

Follow this guide: http://learn.getgrav.org/admin-panel/introduction

Once tell. It will be a textbook for all.
I do not understand. Where i do to tape.

“These are available via GPM, and because the plugin has dependencies you just need to proceed and install the admin plugin, and agree when prompted to install the others:
$ bin/gpm install admin
With Grav , you can now create a user account with the CLI:
$ bin/grav newuser”

You are professionals, and I am one of the millions.
What specifically needs to be done to use the plugin admin. Allow the public to use the grav. Everyone will be happy.

Grav has some requirements of its users. They need to have at least some web development experience.

Being flat-file based, it requires you to have a solid understanding with working with files, both locally and remotely.

Not to be rude, but I think you might be better served with another platform that better caters to the beginner. If you are determined to learn how to use Grav, you will need at least to have a fundamental understanding of the command line, server setup, etc.

We have a getting started guide for the command line that might help on your path to discovery! :slight_smile:

Thank you.I follow your advice. Will teach. Sorry for the questions. Still, I say. I wonder.

I want to move ahead.
Everything can be done manually. That is what I am doing (WOO Grav skeleton ). The work with GPM has no progress.
I understand that the command uses MAC, and other variants for the command are not easy-to-use.
Please, understand the users, they have even more difficulties: foreign language, unfamiliar programs, old HOST does not perform the outer commands.
I would like to make Open Server perform the commands as it is recommended by rhukster.
I consulted, no results: “It should work, ask GRAV”. May be a tutorial will be useful? Open Server is widely used. 2/3 of world population use Windows.
Thank you in advance.

Grav runs fine on windows (with apache), but they very fact it’s called “windows” means that the terminal is pretty weak. However, it does work. Search this forums for “php.exe” and you will get some help. Also there are blog posts on the getgrav.org site that give walkthroughs of how to get a site including GPM to work on windows. See this one that uses MAMP