Your instructions are fragmented and unclear

I’m sure that for a few hardcore linux enthusiasts, this ‘CMS’ is lovely, but I would not even call it that. Out of the box it has absolutely no built-in functionality with which to actually manage any content.

I installed from a ‘skeleton’

“Simply download the ZIP file, extract it in your web-root, and you are ready to start using Grav!”

Simply? No, I don’t think so. The unzipped ‘skeleton’ seems to display itself properly from a user facing perspective but it has absolutely no content management functionality to speak of it. The same effect could have been gained by simply dumping an html template into the root directory. Right now what I have is a basic site with unnecessary background processes. Attempting to access an admin panel of some kind results in a page error. The skeleton is unclear as to what it actually includes. and no visible install process as described in your tutorials actually occurs.

So I go to the plugins to see if I can find one that will give me the base admin panel, user control, etc. You know. features that would allow someone to refer to their CMS as a CMS. And everything seems to require what looks to me like shell commands.

Maybe this is an okay CMS but claiming it’s easy or straight forward is not at all true. It is legitimately easier and more straight forward to manually install Wordpress than it is to install Grav.

Why would the admin plugin not be included in every single instance in existence? What are you supposed to manage your content with?

I saw a lot of potential and value when I was reading about how great this supposedly is. Then when I tried to ‘install’ it let alone use it, all I can do maintain my sanity is throw my hands in the air is walk away. I want to manage my content as easily as Grav supposedly makes it Not join the development team and code a linux kernel so I can change a line of text

Just unzip? No, I don’t think so.

Well, I don’t know about your experience, your skill or even your OS.

But I’ll tell you about my experience.
I downloaded Grav Core + Admin plugin from this page:

Then, I unziped it in my wamp server and it was done.
I just had to create a user the first time I tried to get to the admin panel.

When you download a skeleton, you can check if they have the admin panel included, if not, you can download the admin panel plugin (the zip file) and then unzip it in your plugin folder.

If you need help to setup a fresh installation, I’m sure that you will find it here or on the slack channel.

As AmauryH points out, it depends on what you download. Grav is comparatively easier because given basic requirements you can actually just unzip a package and start using it. As you’ve noticed, skeletons do not generally include Admin. But as it is a plugin, you can just unzip it into the /user/plugins folder and it’s ready to go. Skeleton-authors should perhaps consider including it.

Like WordPress, once unzipped you just visit the site and am redirected to /admin to create the initial user. Then you have access to the entirety of the management interface. Grav’s basic requirements are fairly similar to WordPress in that it needs an updated version of PHP, but beyond that it does not need a database or further setup. Virtually any webhost will have a compatible setup that Grav can be hosted on.