Quick start question

I just downloaded Grav for the first time - it all looks so promising!

I have the admin working, life is as it should be for the default vanilla installation. So now what I want to do is download one of the skeleton sites so I can pick it apart and start to learn how things are working. I pulled down “Agency” as that seems to be a good basic looking starter.

I have downloaded and I can see the site working on my MAMP install - but sadly, I can’t seem to get an admin area working? http://localhost:8888/agency-site/admin throws an error.

I have gone back to my original first download where an admin was working and tired to change the theme - that didn’t seem to do much.

So the question is - what do I need to do to download a skeleton and get the admin working? Thanks.

I suggest you to check the permission for the “grav” folder: this usually fix many “unsolvable” errors. In order to do it, supposing you’re using MAMP on Mac, right click on the folder, choose “Get Info”, scroll down to the Permission section, set them all to “Read & Write”, then from the lower dropdown menu choose “Apply to enclosed items…”. Type your admin password if asked.

What error does it throw?

I type this: “http://localhost:8888/0-Grav/agency-site/admin” I get a 404 page. If I type this: “http://localhost:8888/0-Grav/grav-admin/admin” I get the admin for the base download.

FYI…I have downloaded another skeleton theme and I get the same problem. The site is there, but no admin plugin access. Full discloser - I’m not doing any install of anything - just unzipping and launching the site in MAMP so perhaps I’m missing something that I’m supposed to be doing?

I think you might need to enable 'AllowOverride All` in your apache configuration. See the troubleshooting docs.

I’m not sure it is clear what the problem I have having so I thought I’d throw a quick video online: http://quick.as/w1ygsglkj

As you can see, I have two clean installs of Grav downloads: one is “Grav core + Admin” and the other is the Skeleton “Woo Site”. As you can see, the first has an admin, the second does not. The admin is working great for the first site - permissions seem fine and I have doubled checked that that .htaccess files are the same.

My guess is that the skeletons don’t come with the admin plugin for some reason - I’m assuming this is because they are somehow added to the that initial download that includes the admin plugin.

Any thoughts on how I include the admin plugin with a Skeleton?

Update…so I grabbed all of the files in the plugins folder that appeared to relate to admin from the grav-admin directory and copied them over to the woo-site plugins-folder. That seems to have been the problem. Strange that these files aren’t automatically included, isn’t the admin the whole reason to be here?

Admin is a plugin and as such is not included in the skeletons. The Admin plugin came to life just 6 months ago, but Grav already had skeletons to showcase what it can do, and to kickstart development.

You install the Admin plugin just like any other Plugin: from the command line, bin/gpm install admin - see the docs