Administration panel

Hi, I have managed to install with grav success in my cpanel hosting through, but can not find the way into the administration panel to start modifying, any help please. Thank you.

Sorry for the translation, I am using google translator.

Did you install Grav + Admin from the downloads section? By default Grav doesn’t come with the admin, and you would have to install it via GPM or something. Docs here:

I think he is saying he doesn’t have shell access. Once you copy the files over and get Grav running…how do you “configure” the admin panel? I am in the same situation and get a 404 error when I go to /admin

404 errors are usually related to webserver setup. Check out this document that covers the possible issues/fixes.

Guys, I’ve talked with Jose in spanish via private chat, problem is solved.

I am trying to get the admin panel working. The base install works great. I can add other pages and they can be accessed just fine. The admin panel is still giving me the 404 Whoops error. I am on a virtual host. I do not have root access. From what I can tell…the steps on the form are completed as able. Still no luck for me.

Check this out 404 troubleshooting