Stability of admin plugin

Hi I would love to use this plugin and I see you have included it as part of one the Grav downloads.

Making the plugin part of a mass download to me implies you are fairly confident the admin plugin is fairly stable.

But at

It says:

WARNING, WARNING, this is an important WARNING! Please understand this is a beta version, and we cannot 100% guarantee that this plugin will not mess up your data.

This makes me hesitant to download Grav with the admin plugin. On the other hand, I would love to use it. Not sure what to do.

Any input would be appreciated.

Hey that post is from August 2015. As someone who has been using the admin plugin I can attest that it seems fairly stable and usable.

I can also say Admin plugin is very stable, however, all usual precautions of using beta software apply. I mean, if you’re not regularly backing up your site, admin plugin or not, then — in my friend’s words — “you might just as well consider it to not exist at all.” Version control (GitHub, BitBucket) has proven to be very useful with Grav for me.

@spikesp - thanks for pointing out the post date - I had not noticed that.

Thank you both for your help!

Happy new years!

Btw I’m trying to install admin via command line atm and getting this error:

GPM not reachable. Please check your internet connection or check the Grav site is reachable

Hi, I am the op and not very knowledgable to help you.
Maybe post your issue as a new issue?

Yes just thought I’d post here in case it’s a problem with Grav’s site and you’re also trying to install :slight_smile: I’ll repost as a new thread unless “it fixes itself” in a few hours.

Installed admin via cli 5 min ago without problems

Ok, thanks Janne, at the moment I am a bit more of a beginner

Just wanted to add that the Admin plugin is out of beta since version 1.0, so: production ready. @Janne look at this if the GPM issue if persists.

Thanks Flavio, went through the list but no luck. After a bit of digging I found that the problem was with Mac OS X Sierra not being able to access SSL data. Fix for that can be found here:

@Flavio I am the OP and the reason that I thought the admin plugin was still in beta, is because on the page

the Admin Panel plugin is displayed on the very top of the page
and the DETAILS button for this plugin links to:

which says it is still in beta.

Maybe it would be good to update the DETAILS button so it no longer links to this old page?

Respectfully and thanks…

This has been fixed. Thanks for pointing this out :slight_smile: