Haywire CSS font override

Hi! I recently set up my own blog with Grav and installed Haywire as a theme. While I’ve made some tiny tweaks to the theme, I am really having trouble with overriding the fonts to Google serif fonts. I was able to link the Merriweather and Raleway fonts in the header file, but actually putting them in the CSS wrecks the styling of the body somehow and it becomes a wall of text even if I’m just replacing the font-family tags. Can someone assist me please?

@lfl, Please be advised that theme Haywire is approx. 2 years old and is abandoned since Jan. 2020. Which means, it will no longer update its own dependencies, nor receive fixes for issues. It will also not be upgraded to newer releases of Grav.

See README of Haywire.

An upgrade from Grav 1.6 to Grav 1.7 is likely to happen soon.

You might want to consider to choose a more recent theme.

Hey @pamtbaau, thanks for the thoughts. I’ll try looking at more recently updated minimal themes instead.