Making really simple layout changes

Hey folks! I just started using Grav today at and I just need to know how to change the name of the blog from “My Blog,” and to change the font size and link colors (through CSS or SCSS) on the left side and in the body. Should be pretty simple right? Just don’t want to have to read the entire documentation just to change some CSS and the blog title. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Sorry, I’m actually using the TwentyFifteen theme, but I guess it shouldnt be too different. Where can I find the code to edit in order to change the actual layout and not just each individual blog page?

The best way to edit a theme is to create a child theme

I see that specific theme does not use SCSS as it’s migrated from the WP theme directly.

You’ll need to alter partials/base.html.twig (, add a new CSS file to be included, and add your own modifications to that file.

Of course if you prefer you can also setup SCSS and compile it to a CSS file.

I don’t see any “My Blog” preference in the theme settings, so that could be picked up from your Grav or pages configuration. Usually what I do is search that string across the whole user/ folder, since it’s all files.