Gateway - Change Font type

Hello to all.
I’m very new in this world. Running away from WordPress, because I couldn’t understand it, I found grav and certainly it’s much more easy to work with. congratulations for such amazing CMS!!!.

I download gateway to my localhost, and I would like to change the theme font type. I did my first intent changing the files in the Font folder, editing the CSS templates and all went good until I discovered that the “keep in touch”, tags and categories icons were missing.

does anyone know a tutorial that I could follow, to change the fonts and don’t loose that particular icons.?

thanks in advance

@cidelab I hope you have been able to restore the font-awesome icons…

If not, you could run the command $ bin/gpm install gateway and choose ‘Yes’ to override the current Gateway files.

May I assume you know your way around Google fonts?

Steps to change the font:

  1. I must strongly suggest you create your own inherited theme based on Gateway, else you will loose your changes when Gateway gets updated.
  2. Copy file ‘/user/themes/gateway/templates/partials/base.html.twig’ to your own theme.
  3. In your own copy of ‘base.html.twig’ replace line 23 with the link from Google fonts containing your new desired fonts.
  4. Copy file /user/themes/gateway/css/app.css to your own theme.
  5. In your own copy of ‘app.css’ replace all occurences of ‘font-family: “Fanwood Text”, serif;’ and ‘font-family: “Quattrocento”, serif;’ with your preferred font(s).
  6. Refresh the browser.

Thanks a lot Pamtbaau.
Yes I could restore the icons copying and pasting the original files. pfeww!.

Oh, thats make a lot of sense.
I will follow your steps.
Thanks again

Thanks a lot, it works!.