Easiest way to modify a theme

Dear community,

I want to use grav for an education project and finally got it working, as I had issues with grav’s usage of rewrite rules.

Now, I want to modifiy some basic aspects of a theme (font/background color). What is the easiest way to do this? The docs only give some info on changing the antimatter theme, plus it looks very complicated and I do not have time to dive into this. Is there a theme/plugin which lets you change those basic things easily?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Generally, a lot of themes will let you edit a css/custom.css-file that persists across versions. For anything beyond that, it’s recommended to create a child-theme. With a command or two in the terminal, it will only take a 0.2-1 minute to fill out the few questions it asks you about the child-theme before you have it working.

Thanks for your answer and excuse my late response.

I bascially need to modify three things:

  1. The font has to be changed to Verdana
  2. The background color has to be changed.
  3. Text appears in text frames with a filling color and border color

Here is a screenshot of the current layout:

Can this be done with custom css or a child theme?