Cannot break font inheritance @import

Hi all,
I have created a theme based on Deliver. To help with data protection I now want grav to not load web fonts from Google. To achieve this I have added a
-@import url();
to my custom.css in my custum theme folder. Then cleared the cache of grav and Firefox etc. The font is not being used on-screen anymore however Firefox’s element inspector still shows Google servers are being contacted and a download is taking place.
Any ideas on what I may have missed or where I need to look?
If you need me to be more specific on this or different aspect please let me know!
Thanks! Stefan

Hello Stefan,

this could be the admin plugin: in the mid of the table you can see google fonts. If this isn’t the problem, you can open the View-Source function of Firefox and simply look in the linked css/js-files from where the request is coming.

Hi sori,

thanks for looking into this.

I have adjusted the Google fonts option in the admin panel not to no avail.

Going through the source code - as suggested by you - I recalled I copied the offending /user/themes/deliver/css-compiled/template.css to /user/themes//css-compiled/template.css and took out the offending @import line. Job done, network anaylsis in Firefox now clear, now more loading data from google.

Thanks for jogging my mind by suggesting going back to the html source!


Hello stefan,
no problem, I’m glad I could help. Please mark your question as solved/my answer as the “solution”. Thank you!

(PS: maybe you can help me with my problem? You can find it under my profile.)