Grav on OVH shared server : cannot connect to the GPM > Change your version of PHP and OpenSSL

Hi everyone ! :grinning:

I am currently trying to build a website using Grav+Admin beta version. The install is fine, my bin files are executable ; actually pretty much everything was going great until I had this 302 error while trying to update my plugins and theme from GPM.

So, I, of course, made some research before reaching your devoted community and, after scrolling through the forum, found the well-known article Common problem, cannot connect to the GPM.

But here is the thing :

  • PHP 5.6.33 is calmly running
  • OpenSSL support is enabled
  • cURL support is enabled too
  • My website is not build behind a proxy
  • Permissions of files were all set to read-write-execute (755)
  • Verify_peer was set to true and is now set to false
  • cURL is specified as the only way to get files from GPM

At this point, it is still not working, so I must rely on you, fellows : What the heck is prohibiting my site to reach GPM ?

Error while trying to download (code: 302): [insert url of plugin] Message: SSL connect error error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version

I must precise that I do not have any SSH access to the shared server.

Any help is welcome and I am ready and willing to try any beginning of solution !
Thanks for your kind help !


I haven’t come across this specific error before, but it could - from “alert protocol version” - seem like an outdated version of Curl or SSL running (see SO comments). Further, “tlsv1” indicates that a fairly old protocol is used (see resource). This could potentially be fixed by forcing an up-to-date protocol (see docs), do you have any way to access Curl or SSL version to verify or correct this? Since you do not have any SSH access, you might need to contact the host.

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Well, thanks a lot, everything is working now !

You were right indeed, on OVH, I was using ‘legacy’ version of PHP which is endowed with OpenSSL 0.9.8o, while I could go for ‘stable’ version empowered with OpenSSL 1.0.1k.

For people who might go through the same issue, answer is there :

Thanks again OleVik !

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